Hello! Welcome to Maggie Bell Counselling, Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching (Bromley & Lewisham). 

My name is Maggie Bell and I am a very qualified and experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist/Hypnoanalysist & Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner; professionally registered with BACP & GHR; (British Association for Counsellor & Psychotherapists and The General Hypnotherapy Register).   

I offer a FREE GENUINE PRE-INITIAL TELEPHONE ASSESSMENT, with no obligation!!, based on over 20  years (National Health Service) NHS experience; community based, inpatients, outpatients and private practice, to help you decide your pathway forward. 

I would carry out a more detailed Mental Health Assessment in the first face-to-face session subject to the issues you are experiencing and at that point be in a position to give you an informed feedback and collaboratively plan the work with you to help you achieve your goal/s.  Call: 07950 906421 Or (e-mail me) I will be delighted to hear from you!  (Facebook)  (Linked In)

My Counselling, Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching Practice Location:

Please take a look at the Cabin below where I practise.  It is private, warm and welcoming with its own log burner for those cold days making the therapeutic process and manageable where you are in control. It is confidential, warm, comfortable and professional.  There is FREE CAR ROADSIDE PARKING, NO PARKING RESTRICTIONS.  I am about a 15 minute walk away from Grove Park Train Station and Grove Park Bus Garage (Post Code: SE12 0PW).  Or not far from Waitrose in Burnt Ash (Post Code: BR1 5AJ).  The local buses to Grove Park and the Waitrose Bus Stop are 126, 261, 136.  Other London Transport is available from Bromley Central, Hayes BR2, Beckenham BR3, West Wickham BR4, Petts Wood BR5, Orpington BR5 & BR6, Chislehurst BR7, Swanley & Sevenoaks BR8, Grove Park SE12, Lewisham SE13, Forest Hill SE23, Sydenham SE26, Catford SE6.  More Train Stations local are: Bromley South (Post Code: BR1 1LX) and Bromley North (Post Code: BR1 3NN).  There are local cab offices at Grove Park, Bromley South and Bromley North that are not far away.

Maggie Bell Counsellor Hypnotherapist

BACP registered

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Couples Counselling

What is the difference between Counselling & Hypnotherapy you may be wondering…in summary?  

Counselling is reported to focus approximately 10% on the conscious mind, although within the right therapeutic environment the subconscious/unconscious mind in my opinion will usually surface, although maybe somewhat slower than within Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy focuses mostly on your subconscious/unconscious mind. This where all your habits, memories, dreams, body language, and your natural functions are controlled.

Counselling usually requires a shorter therapeutic session time of the 50 minute therapeutic hour.  Hypnotherapy underpinned with Counselling and NLP Life Coaching integrated usually requires a 90 minute therapeutic session to be fully effective in my opinion.    

“Hypno” is greek for sleep; Hypnotherapy.   Counselling is also know as Psychotherapy.   The word “therapy” is noted in the dictionary as a treatment to help a person to get better. 

The experience of Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Integrative Therapy itself; is so much more helpful than words can describe. 

(What is NLP?)

Confidence Building: 

At times we can all feel like our confidence has been impacted. You may be someone who lacks confidence generally, or you may have had a incident, or a relationship, that is effecting your confidence levels. Where a person feels they have been reducing in confidence; equally it can be built up positively again, or grown if it never existed in the first place. When you f

Depersonalisation & Derealisation

“Depersonalisation is a change of self-awareness such that the person feels unreal, detached from his own experience and unable to feel emotion.  Derealisation is a similar change in relation to the environment… Despite the complaint of inability to feel emotion, both depersonalisation and derealisation are described as highly unpleasant experiences”.
If you are experiencing what sounds like the above then call me to discuss further on 07950 906421 or 07704 455944.

(Above taken from Psychiatry Part 1, Shorter Oxford Text Book of, (2004), Gelder Michael, Mayou Richard, Cowen Philip, pg20).

Eating Disorders: 

Eating Disorders can develop very slowly with our closest loved ones not realising there is a problem; including the person with the issue.

At the extreme end of weight control, under weight can be a major problem just like obesity.  Underweight and obesity can be the symptoms of something underlying.

The relationship you have with food is the same as any relationship.  It can require a little focus to look at the relationship more objectively and how it can be enhanced.  

Fertility / Infertility with the Fertile Body Method: 

I am a qualified Fertile Body Method Practitioner and specialise in fertility issues using the Fertile Body Method. The Fertile Body Method (FBM) is structured and focuses on six stages.  (read more)

Hypno-birthing with Easi-birthing:

I am a qualified Easi-birthing Practitioner and specialise in hypno-birthing using the Easi-birthing Method.  (read more)

Sleep & Relaxation:

There is no such thing as an ideal length of sleep.  Some people need less sleep and others need more.  There is usually a pattern of requiring less sleep as we grow older.  As we age there is a hormone called melatonine that reduces.  Babies are usually full of melatonine.  There are different way to get more melatonine; tablet form, food and other.

However, our mood can effect our sleep where we experience interrupted sleep, cannot get to sleep, early awakening, or just feeling like we are not refreshed; even after a long sleep.    (read more) 

Stress Management: 

Stress is usually divided up into two parts.  Healthy stress and unhealthy stress.  Why do we become stressed?  Well, usually it creeps up on us, as nobody would choose to become stressed…like you only know you are stressed sometimes when you have full blown stress…maybe with physical symptoms before you start to understand something is not quite right.  (read more)

Stress balance
Stress balance

Weight Management / Healthy Eating: 

Managing your weight can be the earlier intervention to having to deal with a greater issue further down the line.  If you feel your weight is an issue then that is all that is important. 

Food can be enjoyable and if there are other issues in our life, we can turn to comfort eating.  Therefore overeating can be the symptoms of something underlying.   (read more)

Hypno Band Licensed Practitioner:

I am a licensed Hypnotic Band Practitioner (read more)

Stop Smoking / Smoking Cessation:

We all know that smoking is bad for your health.  The truth is you can stop smoking easily if you really want to. (read more)


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