Highly trained, qualified and experienced Accredited (BACP) Psychotherapist, (GHR) Master Hypnotherapist, Hypno-analyst, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Accredited (EMDR Assoc) Practitioner 

…with over 20Counselling CabinCounsellor years experience in the NHS (community, inpatients, outpatients) …and 15 years in Private Practice.

…currently offering sessions face-to-face 1:1; (for adults and couples) within a very flexible, sophisticated advanced therapeutic process combining multi-modalities; and thus a therapeutic approach working at both the light and deep end of therapy as well as working in a particular modality that you maybe seeking.

… please feel free to call me on or text on 07950 906421 to discuss any issues and your therapeutic pathway forward  07950 906421


BACP Accreditation
Accredited with BACP



My approach is body, mind and spirit; where I believe the body holds the answers and that the mind can be informed by the body both positively and negatively

Experienced Integrative Accredited BACP Therapist (Person-Centred, CBT & Psychodynamic).  More information regarding these modalities below.

Experienced and Accredited EMDR Therapist (working with traumatic experiences and events.

Experienced GHR Master Hypnotherapist-Analyst and Teacher of Self Hypnosis (trained in America),
Parts Therapist and Inner Child Healing.

Experienced and qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer (NLP) Psychological Coach.

Experienced Weight Management Therapist specialising and licensed to offer Hypno-band.

Experienced Fertile Body Method Practitioner & Easi-birthing Practitioner.

Experienced Stop Smoking Therapist offering a one-off session to stop with the Easi-quit Programme.

One off session to explore a particular issue with a professional offering a confidential therapeutic space.

History summary:
Over 25 years in NHS in many different capacities.
16 years working in Private Practice .
Working within multi-modalities and specialisms led by patients/clients needs evolving over many years.

Personal Approach:
Body, mind and spirit; including relevant internal protective parts, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously making space and letting go of the negative, and thereafter building on your natural strengths to help you on the journey of connecting to YOUR TRUE SELF…THE SELF YOU WAS ALWAY MEANT TO BE!

A Multi-Modalitied Sophisticated Therapeutic Service; to meet all your psychological needs, both light and deep within a therapeutic process with structure.

All of the above therapies that I offer can be worked with individually as well as they can be blended in beautifully within the EMDR 8-phase model for Traumatic and difficult events.

EMDR has been researched and evidenced to work with very successfully with Trauma (PTSD) and other issues like Anxiety.

Please feel free to call me to learn more about EMDR.
Most of the issues I work with in general are related to one trauma or related to a difficult event…I look forward to hearing about your personal story…with a view to advising if I think what I offer can help or suggesting an alternative…meanwhile see videos below to learn more about EMDR and Parts Therapy (AKA IFS).



Anger is a natural emotion that we can all learn to control and even channel into positive outcomes.  Anger is an energy that can be channeled positively or negatively.  You can learn how to manage your anger in therapy with me in just a few sessions of therapy…


Anger like Love is a powerful emotion.  In love, we tend to behave kindly in search of sharing happiness.  In anger our instinctual response can be to lash out; to make distance; to hurt.  When love is is tainted with anger it can become internally conflictive for the angry person and effect their relationships; as well as hurting the loving relationships and valued relationship, leading to isolation and a spiral of negativity.

Anger effects different people in different ways.  One example is that some people express anger inwardly as others may express anger outwardly.  Another example is that some people will channel anger productively, while others negatively.  Anger can be a wall!…in that it can blur vision and forward thinking as well as it can be channelled into you achieving a better life.   (read more)


Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some time in their life.  Anxiety can keep you safe.  If you are walking down a street in the dark at night you may feel somewhat nervous and anxious.  Then when you get home the anxiety alleviates because you are safe again.  If the anxiety was to continue, and if you have noticed that the anxiety is effecting your day-to-day functioning negatively then a short course of therapy can be very beneficial…(read more)

General Anxiety Disorder
General Anxiety


General anxiety usually is related to the way we think.  The way we think effects the way we feel and subsequently the way we behave.  Tension and anxiety are common problems.  My therapeutic approach involves teaching people how to cope with methods that may be similar to learning a new skill.  If you can remember learning new skills at various points in your life; then managing anxiety is something you can learn with me.  (READ MORE)


If you are obsessively worrying about your health and checking your body for signs of illness like lumps or tingling or pain then you may have already realised that you are experiencing what we call health anxiety.  If it is effecting your functioning then may be its time to do something to manage the health anxiety.  Therapy can help you to identify what kind of anxiety you are experiencing and then once identified a short course of therapy can really help to get you back on track and manage the symptoms..(read more)

Obsessive Health Worry
Health Anxiety



General anxiety can be triggered for many different reasons.  However, in my experience Health Anxiety can worsen over time and very often can stem from a negative experience, sometimes going back as far as childhood.  I have worked with people with Health Anxiety very successfully in a short period of time, as well as a longer period of time, depending upon how ingrained the Health Anxiety has become.  Often though it can feel more ingrained than it is and with in following the right therapeutic pathway can be resolved sometimes very easily. (READ MORE)


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can hinder functioning; especially when challenged.  In my opinion it has a relationship to childhood development.  Most people will have a little bit of obsessive-compulsive within their personality.  In understanding OCD it may help you to know that it is separated into two categories in summary.  Obsessive being negative thoughts and compulsive rituals usually related to safety.  The therapies that I am able to offer and combine, a pick and mix if you like, are so flexible and easy flowing; and therefore can help a person who needs to be in control; take control within a supported therapeutic process.  I would say as an experienced therapist working in this field that going with the flow can carry you forward with less resistance to hinder a natural process of progression.  (READ MORE)


“Depersonalisation is a change of self-awareness such that the person feels unreal, detached from his own experience and unable to feel emotion.  Derealisation is a similar change in relation to the environment… Despite the complaint of inability to feel emotion, both depersonalisation and derealisation are described as highly unpleasant experiences”.

(Above taken from Psychiatry Part 1, Shorter Oxford Text Book of, (2004), Gelder Michael, Mayou Richard, Cowen Philip, pg20).


If you are afraid of an object, an animal or a situation; a flexibly therapeutic approach can offer a structured way of living to ease phobias and their symptoms ..(read more)


Phobic anxiety is intermittent; present only when in a particular set of circumstances.  In my experience phobic anxiety usually occurs because of a past experience that is unresolved.  Therapy can help you to identify the past experience and within a professional warm and trusting therapeutic alliance, where you feel safe, you can re-address and re-evaluate that situation, although this needs to be done with care and, in my opinion, with a therapist that is trained to work with such experiences.


Panic attacks are common where a person feels they are losing control and having physical signs of a racing heart sweating, shaking, shortness of breath, tingling in extremities and nausea.  Usually they do not last more than half and hour, or they can last only 5 minutes.  Although they are scary and usually do have a root cause which may not seem to be obvious at the time of the panic attacks.  Therapy can help you to identify the root causes and help you start to manage the symptoms… (read more)


If you have become aware of emotional abuse in your life or know somebody who has then you should know that you really do not have to put up with it.  Becoming aware and gaining insight into emotional abuse is the first step to moving forward.  Thereafter you are in a good position to decide your own pathway forward and develop your Ego Strength (confidence) to help you to deal with any emotional abuse that you are experiencing.  Therapy can give you the tools, support and knowledge to develop your own Ego Strength and build the confidence you need to take control of your situation.  (read more)


It is common for people who are in an abusive relationship to doubt their own feelings; bury them so deeply even, that they lose their way and feel lost.  It is common to doubt that the relationship is abusive.  If your perception; your reality, is that you feel abused in a relationship, or relationships, then therapy can help you to find yourself again and gain insight to circumstances and move forward to more deserving relationships; especially the relationship you have with yourself.  Call me to discuss in total confidence with no obligation.  You do not have to give your name and I will be so glad to hear from you and that you have taken your first step to freedom!  (Call me)


We will all lose a loved one or somebody close at some time in our life usually.  It can feel like a whirlwind of emotions with low mood, anxiety and more.  Bereavement is a process and it cannot be avoided even though emotions and feelings can be suppressed for years.  We all grieve differently within the bereavement process  If you feel you are in this process and need some assistance to help you see where you are at more clearly; then you can call me to discuss to help you decide your own pathway forward.  I look forward to hearing…(read more)

Knowing we all experience loss and life changing adjustments in life at some time or other and the bereavement process cannot be avoided then it is also important to know how to look after yourself.  I can offer you the kind of therapy that will help you to know where you are in the process, so you can understand better and see yourself from the outside looking in; as well as from the inside looking out.  (Call me)



If you have been feeling low for longer than a few days then may be you are suffering from low mood or depression.  Depression can effect anybody and as it is usually energy sapping it may feel like you just cannot take the next strep to take the control back.  One small step would be to call me and discuss further..  Drop the pebble in the pond (positive or negative) and the ripples will naturally go out.  (read more)

Depression can go hand in hand with Anxiety and sometimes obsessive, compulsive, tendencies.  If you have been diagnosed with depression, or feel that you have been feeling down for a longer period of time where you find yourself now really struggling to function; then maybe it’s time to talk to someone. 

In my opinion, and experience, depression can have links to so many other mental health areas.  It’s normal to feel depressed after a bereavement or some kind of life changing event that feels detrimental to your wellbeing, however, it can also have links to trauma, anger and more.  Please feel free to give me a call and discuss your personal experience and I will be delighted to hear from you and discuss further.


If you have noticed that your relationships have a negative pattern then maybe it is time to take action.  When external relationships have a negative pattern of outcomes then also a relationship to question is the relationship you have with yourself.  The self relationship is the most important relationship you will ever have.  In therapy you can invest in the self relationship; invest in you, to enhance all your relationships…but it starts with you! ...(read more)


At times we can all feel like our confidence has been impacted. You may be someone who lacks confidence generally, or you may have had a incident, or a relationship, that is effecting your confidence levels. Anxiety can impact on confidence levels and confidence can in turn increase anxiety; a negative cycle that can be broken.  I offer a programme to build your confidence in identifying what the negative cycle composes of and breaking it down into bite sizes so that you can feel in control.  (read more)


If you are struggling with your weight and reading this; then maybe this is your time for change.  I can help you to make the changes you need to make.  These changes will probably be quite small changes; I will help you to decide the small changes you feel you are able to make to bring about the bigger change.

In my experience weight issues can start in childhood but can also be a reaction to something.  If you would like to know more about the support I can offer you in losing weight and more importantly maintaining your weight then you can always call me to discuss.  Furthermore, Therapy can help to uncover the roots of the problem and weight maybe just one aspect; its not unusual to identify parallels when in therapy.  So I look forward to hearing from you.  (read more)

There can be many reasons for looking for help with Healthy Weight Management.  A pregnancy, stopping Smoking or even a Sugar Addiction. Even stress can cause weight to pile on…or fall off.   Eating to sustain and maintain your body can alleviate stress and help you to feel balanced and in control.  Usually when we look better on the outside we feel better on the inside and vice versa. The Hypnoband can be very useful to reduce and/or control your weight, however, weight is also about how you feel within yourself.  I have had clients come after having the gastric band because they still feel fat????  If the weight is stubborn within what I offer to be a therapeutic psychological related to food process, then the Hypnoband can be an option, but for long-term results I believe that life style changes have to be adopted, believed and committed to.   (READ MORE)


If you have noticed that you eat when not hungry, or continue to eat with no indicator that you are full; you may be over compensating with food and realised that you are eating to feed negative emotions.  Emotional eating is a symptom; and all symptoms in my experience have an underlying cause.  If you would like get to the bottom of your eating patterns that seems to make no sense to you, then please feel free to call me to discuss further.


If you have been struggling with your sleep recently or have struggled with sleep for a long time then maybe its time to invest in your sleep  knowing that sleep is a time of repair for wellbeing.  As well as learning about sleep hygiene; in my experience sleep issues really need exploring in a person centred way  because they can arise because of food allergies/intolerance, traumas, hormones imbalances and more.  If you are tired in the daytime then this is an indicator that you are not getting enough sleep.  In therapy you can learn more about how your sleep effects you, or the lack of it, gain insights and develop strategies with regards to getting the best nights sleep you can have…(read more)

There is no such thing as an ideal length of sleep.  Some people need less sleep and others need more.  There is usually a pattern of requiring less sleep as we grow older.  As we age there is a hormone called melatonine that reduces.  Babies are usually full of melatonine.  There are different way to increase melatonine; levels including therapy.  As our mood can effect our sleep where we experience interrupted sleep, cannot get to sleep, early awakening, or just feeling like we are not refreshed; even after a long sleep.  As a therapist that works with people with sleep issues, I have learned that stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and more can be the underlying issue.  Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is the symptoms usually of something underlying.


If you are repeatedly experiencing negative behaviour towards you where you feel the intent is to hurt you by another person or person/s either physically, emotionally or both and you continue reading below; then I am going to assume you are possibly being bullied. 

Bulling can happen in many different forms; subtly or aggressive, slowly or quickly, in groups or one to one.  It can include verbal in terms of gossiping name calling, social media blogging.  There are so many platforms today where bullying can even just start to feel like the norm.  It can be passively aggressive with physical contact; jostling, touching, invading your personal space and more…  (read more)

Bullying can have a long-term detrimental effect on our mental, physical and spiritual health.  If you think and/or feel bullied then talk to someone; as it is unacceptable and does not have to continue.  It is common for a person feeling bullied to feel all sorts of negative internal emotions which can create a vicious cycle where you may may then feel you do not know where to begin.  Then start at the beginning by talking to someone in confidence.  Take advantage of my genuine complimentary pre-initial telephone assessment to discuss your pathway forward.


A traumatic experience, or several traumatic experiences, can leave a child feeling ashamed which then can have a knock on effect where the child is guarded about the experience or experiences leading to emotions being repressed to survive.  Those traumatic experiences can manifest in the adult later continuing to hide inner negative feelings as something that they learned to do as a child to survive and can find themselves stuck in negative cycles of self-sabotage…(read more)


If you have been experiencing stomach pain or cramps with medical investigations showing nothing to worry about; then maybe you are experiencing IBS.  Symptoms like bloated tummy, constipation or diarrhoea, can make life miserable.  There may be days when your symptoms are better and days when they are worse; flare ups that are triggered by stress or food or drink.  You may experience back ache, fatigue, feeling sick, problems peeing, need to pee often.  All of these symptoms can make it really difficult to plan and enjoy life.  However, there are things you can do to improve the symptoms.  Call me to discuss further if you would like to speak about the patterns and difficulties on a more personal level to discuss your therapeutic pathway forward.


As children with developing brains at high speed we soak up the environment at this very suggestible time in our lives.  If you feel you are carrying those critical arthetypes around in your now adult self then you may have noticed that those relationships from the past are effecting the here and now in your life.  Maybe you are noticing your adult self as critical of yourself and others which is effecting relationships and the relationship with yourself; the most important relationship of all.  Call me to discuss further if you would like to speak about the patterns and difficulties on a more personal level.


In this busy life of ours; women especially can put off having children to the time feels right.  Usually the right time is a bit of a myth.  As in the right loving environment the birth of a child can feel like a gift where all the practicalities are managed anyway.  But this means that for couples that are delaying having a family the age factor can come into play.  Most times it’s just a case of alleviating the tensions of everyday life psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.  With this approach I have had successful outcomes whilst working within the six stage structure of the Fertile Body Method as a FBM Therapist.

Hypno-birthing has many different methods.  For many years women have reported negative experiences for one reason or another.  I am qualified and experienced in working with the Easibirthing Method.  Commonly known as hypno-birthing; hypno-birthing is a therapeutic process to learn how to take control of what ought to be a beautiful natural experience.  My aim is to help you to feel in control and build your resources to path your own therapeutic wonderful pathway forward feeling in control.


Eating Disorders can develop very slowly with our closest loved ones not realising there is a problem; including the person with the issue.   At the extreme end of weight control, under weight can be a major problem just like obesity.  Underweight and obesity can be the symptoms of something underlying.  The relationship you have with food is the same as any relationship.  It can require a little focus to look at the relationship more objectively and how it can be enhanced.   In my experience negative food patterns develop in childhood, which can be explored and revisited .  (read more)


EMDR is bilateral stimulation of the body whilst working with the mind and core beliefs both negative and positive to help experiences or Traumas that have become stuck in the neural pathways to be released and processed.  This 8-phased therapy involves in summary history taking, resource installation and thereafter reprocessing and processing.  In my opinion, it can feel like a rebirth (as some of my clients have expressed); a Transformation from being stuck to being more present in the now.  Please feel free to call me if you think you may want to know more about this researched, proven to work extremely well, therapy.


Are you a carer for whatever reason?  Or have you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, physical illness or caring for somebody who has and feel you need support, then please do give me a call to discuss your pathway forward.  As a carer, a space to feel understood, can strengthen you to carry on the good work that you are doing and help you to build strategies to cope with your own individual role as a carer as well as take care of your loved one.  (Call) with absolutely no obligation to discuss your pathway forward.


I believe we all experience Trauma to one degree or another.  However, sometimes things happen in life that stay with us, no matter how hard we try to move on; forward.  If you are experiencing the after effects of what you perceive to be a traumatic experience then I would suggest that you speak to someone.  You could start with calling me to discuss informally where you feel you are at in this present moment and become aware of your options with no obligation.  I look forward to hearing from you.  (Call).  (read more) 


You already know that smoking is bad for your health.  Hypnotherapy is very successful to help you stop smoking easily if it’s what you really want.  It is a fact that most people stop in one session with me. Learn more to prepare!

 (read more)


Stress can be divided into parts.  Internal stress and external stress! Healthy stress and unhealthy stress!  Why do we become stressed?  Well, usually it creeps up on us, and can get out of control.  I offer a stress management program enabling you to dig down into the roots of the stress and with a flexible therapeutic approach, the roots can be reseeded, nurtured and nourished, to grow your own strengths to reform your life as you want it to be.


It has been reported now for more than ten years that stress is on the rise for different reasons such as loneliness…the environment and other.  I am hearing through my work and more, that work related stress is increasing to.  I hear that people are working longer hours, not taking a lunch break, not taking breaks away where perfection is sought.  We are human and not robots!  If work related stress or any kind of stress is effecting your well being and functioning, perhaps as you are reading this now, (if what I am saying resonates); it maybe the right time to do something different!


Good effective time management can be learned in conjunction with management of yourself.  However, sometimes there can be blocks holding us back.  Once you identify the blocks then strategies can be built to manage them in order to create a clear pathway to move forward naturally; going from strength to strength. 


In my opinion this condition is still not fully understood.  If you feel like you are struggling with sleep, digestive issues, energy levels, anxiety and other, then it may help to know that the more you get to know yourself better the better you can manage these symptoms.  Call me to discuss your personal situation to take the first step of pathing your own way to recovery.


Fibre-myalgia can effect sleep, digestion, bowel habits, tummy pain, join pains and more.  If you think you maybe suffering from fibre myalgia or you have had a diagnosis of fibre myalgia and then thats it; well you can know that there is a lot you can do for yourself to help manage fibre myalgia.  If you would like to call me to discuss further I would be delighted to hear from you.


  • Integrative Therapy (Combining therapies as below)

  • Person Centred Therapy (person focussed)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Negative Thoughts, feelings, patterns and behaviours and building positive strategies)

  • Psychodynamic Therapy (childhood and past experiences)

  • Couples Counselling (couples focussed)

  • Relationship Counselling (relationship focussed)

  • Bereavement Counselling (focussing on the loss and its impacts)

  • Hypnotherapy underpinned with NLP & CBT (working with the conscious / subconscious / unconscious mind AND THE STRENGTHS OF THE SELF)

  • Hypnotherapy / Parts Work AKA IFS (Internal Family Systems) (working consciously / subconsciously / on inner conflict and the impact of external conflict vice versa – working with internal protective parts)

  • NLP Coaching (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) underpinned with formal and informal Hypnotherapy  (working with your strengths to help you with your struggles)

  • EMDR (Eye movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) 8 protocol therapy which I personally underpin with Counselling and Hypnotherapy (reprocessing traumatic and difficult experiences including anxiety)

  • INNER CHILD THERAPY (5-path hypnosis working with the adult self to explore target cause of negative and releasing anger, guilt in order to start the healing process of the younger self).

  • PARTS THERAPY (underpinned with Counselling and Hypnosis to explore, befriend and soothe relevant parts caught up in conflict with the SELF)  

  • SELF-HYPNOSIS TEACHING (learning accessing higher self  to resolve issues autonomously to become your own best Therapist) 



Integrative in therapeutic terms means integration of  therapies; Person Centred, CBT, Psychodynamic, Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis, EMDR and NLP in short.  All of these therapies are focussed on the person, however, CBT is more focussing on the person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours; negative patterns with flexibility to visit your past and work psychodynamically.  You will not notice the subtle integration of talk therapies; it would just unfold naturally.  However, you would obviously notice if you decided to work at a deeper level after a few sessions of talk therapy and engage in Hypnosis, EMDR & NLP. 

The information above is summarised so as to explain briefly what each therapy is; as it can be a mine field for people looking for the right therapy for them.  The more you understand; the more you can make that informed decision which is the reason I offer a FREE PRE-INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION, to put the flesh on the bones for you as briefly outlined above.  That said the most important part of any therapy in my opinion is the way you feel within the rapport between the therapist and yourself and the FREE PRE-INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION is also offered for that purpose.


As a Personal Centred Counsellor I will work with you focussing on you the person as well as the symptoms you are experiencing.  Symptoms can be general, however, as a person you will be unique.  You will have individual strengths.  As a qualified NLP coach working with you as a person centred counsellor; I will help you timely to identify your strengths to help you overcome the struggles.  The work will be integrative to help you enhance your wellbeing in a person centred approach. 


As a Cognitive Behavioural Counsellor I will help you understand your symptoms within the counselling process; and mostly to understand yourself as well as drip feed you timely written psycho-education relevant to you at that time, that is easily to followed and digestible, to really help you to manage the symptoms.  


As a Psychodynamic Counsellor I will help you to explore the roots of the issues you are experiencing.  Sometimes we need to get to the roots to really understand why we are the person we have become.  Such as development building blocks that have not formed or strengthened can be revisited and reinforced in therapy.


When I work with couples I focus more on the relationship rather than a person centred approach, although I focus on the individuals too.  As a trained, experienced, Couple Counsellor, I have found it to be most beneficial to offer one 1:1 session each to identify your individual unique goals in Couple Counselling, as well as the goals you both have in common with regards to your relationship.  The Couple Counselling Therapy Model that I work with focusses on everything that effects the relationship.  The way we communicate, operate, associate and more …  (read more)


Bereavement Counselling is never usually only to do with a loss of a loved one.  Any loss can bring up compounded issues of other losses, life changing adjustments.  A loss can be like a pebble dropping into a pond; the ripples go out and sometimes beyond comprehension.  Those ripples can manifest (in both my personal and professional experience) psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.


As a qualified, experienced Counsellor, I am also a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist.  This means that my clients have the option to work even more flexibly and extensively, short-term and long term, with the focus on the subconscious and unconscious mind. (read more)


Most clients in my experience once they have explored the issues, they ask the question, what do I need to do to move forward in my life.  I am a qualified and experience NLP Practitioner.  NLP focusses on you personally tapping into your strengths so that you can gain insight for yourself to overcome difficulties.

EMDR THERAPY (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing):

If you have experienced past, or childhood, trauma; then EMDR maybe something you are interested to learn more about.  You can do your own research around EMDR, but in summary I believe it to work by reprocessing the trauma that has become stuck in the neural-pathways which has led to what is called PTSD (partly being stuck in that time).  It is not know how EMDR works; but some say that it’s a natural way of desensitising and reprocessing past traumas, big or small, with numerous resources installed to support the process by stimulating body parts to get the mind and body to naturally begin the reprocessing of the past trauma so that you can see, feel, and experience the trauma from a different perspective.  If you would like to discuss more than please feel free to call me to learn in what way this therapy can help you on your own therapeutic pathway.


You may have heard of Parts Therapy within the Hypnotherapy Model, or more recently heard about Internal Family Systems within the Psychotherapy Model.  Either of these are based on working with internal conflict. Internal conflict can cause you feeling ‘stuck’ and leading to negative emotions like frustration and anger because the internal conflict remains unresolved. 

Behaviours like procrastination with a lack of commitment and self sabotage patterns self sabotage can present as a viscous cycle.   If you would like to learn more about Parts Therapy you can give me a call to discuss further.


In summary, one-to-one counselling is a mutually agreeable professional arrangement where I the Counsellor, meet with you the client, weekly usually to begin with, and discuss the issues to help you get to the underlying cause of the symptoms and build strategies utilising your natural strengths so you can make the symptoms/issues more manageable; helping you to take control of the symptoms rather than they take control of you.  (read more)


If you have mobility issues, or you are just simply nervous about technology and video zooming; then aside from the  COVID-19 government guidelines; telephone counselling has its benefits; and I expect you can imagine what some of those benefits might be. Point to note, is that the late Sigmund Freud, the creator of psychotherapy (1886-1938) sat behind his patients so that the client could freely associate without distraction.


Most clients in my experience once they have explored the issues, they ask the question, what do I need to do to move forward in my life.  I am a qualified and experience NLP Practitioner.  NLP focusses on you personally tapping into your strengths so that you can gain insight for yourself to overcome difficulties.

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Fertility, Birthing, Smoking, Sleep, Weight and more.




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