Hello! Welcome to Maggie Bell Counselling, Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching (Bromley & Lewisham). 

Maggie Bell
Maggie Bell

I am a very qualified and experienced Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner; professionally registered with BACP & GHR.

I offer a FREE GENUINE PRE-INITIAL ASSESSMENT, with no obligation!!, based on over 20  years (National Health Service) NHS experience; community based, inpatients, outpatients and private practice, to help you decide your pathway forward. 

Call: 07950 906421 Or (e-mail me) I will be delighted to hear from you!  (Facebook)  (Linked In)

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Where I practice:

I offer a confidential, warm, comfortable space that is professional and calming.  The Cabin where I practice is private, warm and welcoming with its own log burner (see below) crackling in the background on even those cold days therapeutic.

How to get to me and parking:


I am about a 15 minute walk away from Grove Park Train Station and Grove Park Bus Garage (Post Code: SE12 0PW)

Or 10 minutes walk from the Toyota Car Garage in Burnt Ash (Post Code: BR1 5AJ).  The 261 and the 126 stop right outside the Toyota Garage.

The local buses to Grove Park and the Toyoto Car Garage Bus Stop are 126, 261, 136.  Other London Transport is available from Bromley Central, Hayes BR2, Beckenham BR3, West Wickham BR4, Petts Wood BR5, Orpington BR5 & BR6, Chislehurst BR7, Swanley & Sevenoaks BR8, Grove Park SE12, Lewisham SE13, Forest Hill SE23, Sydenham SE26, Catford SE6.  More Train Stations local are: Bromley South (Post Code: BR1 1LX) and Bromley North (Post Code: BR1 3NN).  There are local cab offices at Grove Park, Bromley South and Bromley North that are not far away.

Therapies I offer:

Person Centred Counselling:

As a Personal Centred Counsellor I will work with you focussing on you the person as well as the symptoms you are experiencing.  Symptoms can be general, however, as a person you will be unique.  You will have individual strengths.  As a qualified NLP coach working with you as a person centred counsellor; I will help you timely to identify your strengths to help you overcome the struggles.

Cognitive Behavioural Counselling:

As a Cognitive Behavioural Counsellor I will help you understand your symptoms in our sessions; as well as supply you with the written information you need, that is easily to follow and digestible, to really help you to get a grip on the symptoms you are experiencing.

Psychodynamic Counselling:

As a Psychodynamic Counsellor I will help you to explore the roots of the issues you are experiencing.  Sometimes we need to get to the roots to really understand why we are the person we have become.  Such as development building blocks that have not formed or strengthened can be revisited and reinforced in therapy.

Integrative Counselling:

Basically is the above integrated.  You would not notice the integration; it would just unfold naturally.  The information above is summarised so as to explain briefly what each therapy is; as it can be a mind field for people looking for the right therapy for them.  The more you understand; the more you can make that informed decision but do not forget I offer a FREE PRE-INITIAL ASSESSMENT, to put the flesh on the bones for you as to what therapy you may find useful.  That said the most important part of any therapy in my opinion is the way you feel within the rapport between the therapist and yourself.  So if this feels right so far keep reading, as there is more….

Couple Counselling:

As a trained, experienced, Couple Counsellor, I have found it to be most beneficial to offer one 1:1 session each to identify your individual unique goals in Couple Counselling, as well as the goals you both have in common for the sake of the relationship.  The Couple Counselling Therapy Model that I work with focusses on everything that effects that relationship.  The way we parent, resolve issues and more…

Bereavement Counselling:

Bereavement Counselling is never usually only to do with a loss of a loved one.  Any loss can bring up compounded issues of other losses, life changing adjustments.  A loss can be like a pebble dropping into a pond; the ripples go out and sometimes beyond comprehension.  Those ripples can manifest (in both my personal and professional experience) psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.


As a qualified, experienced Counsellor, I am also a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist.  This means that my clients have the option to work even more flexibly and extensively, short-term and long term, with the focus on the subconscious and unconscious mind. 

Neuro-Linguistic Coaching:

Most clients in my experience once they have explored the issues, they ask the question, what do I need to do to move forward in my life.  I am a qualified and experience NLP Practitioner.  NLP focusses on you personally tapping into your strengths so that you can gain insight for yourself to overcome difficulties.

Some issues I work with:

Anger Management:

Anger effects different people in different ways.  One example is that some people express anger inwardly as others may express anger outwardly.  Another example is that some people will express anger assertively while others express anger negatively.  Anger can be a wall!

vcm_s_kf_repr_832x624(READ MORE)

General Anxiety Management: 

General anxiety usually is related to the way we think.  The way we think effects the way we feel and subsequently the way we behave.  Tension and anxiety are common problems.  My therapeutic approach involves teaching people how to cope with methods that may be similar to learning a new skill.  If you can remember learning new skills at various points in your life; then managing anxiety is something you can learn with me.


Health Anxiety Management:

Anxiety can be triggered for many different reasons.  However, in my experience Health Anxiety can worsen over time and very often can stem from a negative experience, sometimes going back as far as childhood.  I have worked with people with Health Anxiety very successfully in a short period of time, as well as a longer period of time, depending upon how ingrained the Health Anxiety has become.  Often though it can feel more ingrained than it is and with in following the right therapeutic pathway can be resolved sometimes very easily.

Depersonalisation & Derealisation Management:

“Depersonalisation is a change of self-awareness such that the person feels unreal, detached from his own experience and unable to feel emotion.  Derealisation is a similar change in relation to the environment… Despite the complaint of inability to feel emotion, both depersonalisation and derealisation are described as highly unpleasant experiences”.

(Above taken from Psychiatry Part 1, Shorter Oxford Text Book of, (2004), Gelder Michael, Mayou Richard, Cowen Philip, pg20).

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Management:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can hinder functioning; especially when challenged.  In my opinion it has a relationship to childhood development.  Most people will have a little bit of obsessive-compulsive within their personality.  In understanding OCD it may help you to know that it is separated into two categories in summary.  Obsessive being negative thoughts and compulsive rituals usually related to safety.  The therapies that I am able to offer and combine, a pick and mix if you like, are so flexible and easy flowing; and therefore can help a person who needs to be in control; take control within a supported therapeutic process.  I would say as an experienced therapist working in this field that going with the flow can carry you forward with less resistance to hinder a natural process of progression.

Confidence Building: 

At times we can all feel like our confidence has been impacted. You may be someone who lacks confidence generally, or you may have had a incident, or a relationship, that is effecting your confidence levels. Anxiety can impact on confidence levels and confidence can in turn increase anxiety; a negative cycle that can be broken.  I offer a programme to build your confidence in identifying what the negative cycle composes of and breaking it down into bite sizes so that you can feel in control.


Bereavement & Loss: 

We all experience loss and life changing adjustments in life at some time or other.  The bereavement process cannot be avoided.  Delayed sometimes, but not avoided.   I offer with regards to bereavement therapy; helping you to know where you are in the process, so you can understand better and see yourself from the outside looking in; as well as from the inside looking out.  



Fertility & Hypno-birthing:

In this busy life of ours; women especially can put off having children to the time feels right.  Usually the right time is a bit of a myth.  As in the right loving environment the birth of a child can feel like a gift where all the practicalities are managed anyway.  But this means that for couples that are delaying having a family the age factor can come into play.  Most times it’s just a case of alleviating the tensions of everyday life psychologically, mentally, physically and spiritually.  With this approach I have had successful outcomes whilst working within the six stage structure of the Fertile Body Method as a FBM Therapist.

Hypno-birthing has many different methods.  For many years women have reported negative experiences for one reason or another.  I am qualified and experienced in working with the Easibirthing Method.  Commonly known as hypno-birthing; hypno-birthing is a therapeutic process to learn how to take control of what ought to be a beautiful natural experience.  My aim is to help you to feel in control and build your resources to pathe your own therapeutic wonderful pathway forward feeling in control,

Eating Disorder Management:

Eating Disorders can develop very slowly with our closest loved ones not realising there is a problem; including the person with the issue.   At the extreme end of weight control, under weight can be a major problem just like obesity.  Underweight and obesity can be the symptoms of something underlying.  The relationship you have with food is the same as any relationship.  It can require a little focus to look at the relationship more objectively and how it can be enhanced.   In my experience negative food patterns develop in childhood, which can be explored and revisited .  (READ MORE)


There is no such thing as an ideal length of sleep.  Some people need less sleep and others need more.  There is usually a pattern of requiring less sleep as we grow older.  As we age there is a hormone called melatonine that reduces.  Babies are usually full of melatonine.  There are different way to increase melatonine; levels including therapy.  As our mood can effect our sleep where we experience interrupted sleep, cannot get to sleep, early awakening, or just feeling like we are not refreshed; even after a long sleep.  As a therapist that works with people with sleep issues, I have learned that stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and more can be the underlying issue.  Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation is the symptoms usually of something underlying.    


Stop Smoking in one session:

You already know that smoking is bad for your health.  The truth is you can stop smoking easily if you really want to.  It is a fact that most people stop in one session with me.  I offer a two to three hour programme and in the last year know of two people at least that stopped smoking after 30 years with myself.  The therapy I offer is my own programme combining EasyQuit with my own methods integrated based on what I know to work!


Stress management:

Stress can be divided into parts.  Internal stress and external stress! Healthy stress and unhealthy stress!  Why do we become stressed?  Well, usually it creeps up on us, and can get out of control.  I offer a stress management programme which digs down to the roots of the stress and with a flexible therapeutic approach, the roots can be reseeded, nurtured and nourished, to grow your own strengths to reform your life as you want it to be.

Healthy Weight Management (and Hypnoband):

There can be many reasons for looking for help with Healthy Weight Management.  A pregnancy, stopping Smoking or even a Sugar Addiction. Even stress can cause weight to pile on…or fall off.   Eating to sustain and maintain your body can alleviate stress and help you to feel balanced and in control.  Usually when we look better on the outside we feel better on the inside and vice versa. The Hypnoband can be very useful to reduce and/or control your weight, however, weight is also about how you feel within yourself.  I have had clients come after having the gastric band because they still feel fat????  If the weight is stubborn within what I offer to be a therapeutic psychological related to food process, then the Hypnoband can be an option, but for long-term results I believe that life style changes have to be adopted, believed and committed to.  So therefore I advise my cliehnt that the Hypnoband only be a bolt onto healthy eating.   (READ MORE)


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