Anger is a normal healthy emotion:

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.  We are angry even in the womb according to research.  In life it can be a great motivator to move forward and powerful energiser to support the motivation.  On the downside; unexpressed anger where you are holding onto the anger can lead to long-term illnesses both psychological and physical; in my experience.   You CAN learn to MANAGE your ANGER!

Anger & Depression:

I believe that long-term repressed anger can be one of the underlying causes to depression.  Anger is not a diagnosable mental health condition but I believe that it can be in part the cause to diagnosed mental illnesses.

Channelling your Anger:

“The man who gets angry at the right things, and with the right people, and in the right way, and at the right time, and for the right length of time, is to be commended.”
– Aristotle –

Anger and Mental Health!

Unexpressed anger can be the underlying issue that leads to depression, anxiety, and most importantly, detrimental to your wellbeing.  Long-term anxiety and depression can lead to unhealthy stress levels, that can lead to physical issues, I believe.  Body and mind go hand-in-hand.  What impacts on the mind communicates to the body, and vice versa.

My Practice below:

Relaxing therapy

Treatment plan:

For anybody who is experiencing any of the above I would suggest that you contact me for your GENUINE FREEPRE-INITIAL ASSESSMENT WITH ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION on 07950 906421 or 07704 455944 to discuss, or contact me on(message me)

Your first session will be a therapeutic assessment session and after I have met you and got to know you more I will be able to suggest options that are available to you to achieve the goals you wish to achieve.

…my Log Cabin or Garden Room are both COVID-FRIENDLY with two triple-bilateral unfolding doors in the garden room, and double doors and two opening windows in the Log Cabin.  The log cabin has a log burner that keeps it warm even when the doors are open and it is a very calming, peaceful, therapeutic place, based within the Green Chain Walk to have your therapeutic needs met.

There are photos below to help you familiarise where you will be coming to (when working face-to-face) which is easy to get to (close to Grove Park Train Station & Bus Garage and has FREE easy roadside parking).  

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

Maggie Bell Counsellor Hypnotherapist


Relaxing therapy
Therapy Cabin

Relaxing therapeutic