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Centred (Humanistic) Counselling (1:1):

…in summary one-to-one person counselling basically focuses on offering you what is called in therapy ‘the core conditions’  Where you feel understood (empathy) in a warm and professional environment; where trust can then build, where you will not feel judged.   If you do feel judged; we work through it.

The ‘core conditions ‘ are a very important aspect of any therapy and needs to be right for healthy growth; just like a seed planted in the right kind of soil to grow strong healthy roots and develop to its optimum. 

Person-centered therapy (sometimes referred to as humanistic) is a very gentle therapy, and can also be integrated in to a combination of other therapies, which maybe identified as Integrative Therapy.

Within the person-centered therapy model my focus would be to grasp a deeper understanding of the issues, where with time I would expect trust to develop and build in the therapeutic relationship, where you will NOT be judged.

The environment should feel warm but professional to provide a healthy foundation for growth so the person engaging in therapy will be free to explore any difficulties in their own time and at their own pace.

Person-Centered Therapy is very effective in the initial stages of therapy and/or if there has been a significant loss or bereavement, or maybe a traumatic experience.


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