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Shaming, opposing and put downs are just a few when it comes to emotional abuse. 

You probably know of many more obvious signs; or maybe you do not, if you are suspecting that you are a victim of emotional abuse.  I am going to assume that you have been in a relationship for a period of time where you now have come to a realisation that this may be happening. 

If you have been in this negative environment or relationship for a period of time, then you may even question if it is all in your head.  The thing to remember is; trust in your own feelings!

Therapy can really help you to trawl through your experiences; past, current and fears for the future, even fears in the now, and separate yourself emotionally so that you can start to see an objective picture as well as subjective.  With insight you can then start to plan your own future.

Emotional abuse involves one person targeting another person into the fright mode, where the person can be controlled and isolated.  The abuser may not even know that their behaviour is abusive.  Often they have been victims of abuse themselves.  The abuser can be a partner; somebody you really love, or think you love and that you believe loves you. 

No matter who it is, on some level you must think you do not deserve it, as just by reading this page tells me that you are questioning they way things are right now, for you or somebody else.

If you are experience being called names, or know somebody who may be a victim of emotional abuse, or even a put down pet name; subjected to shouting, belittling, threats, phone spying, post spying and more…then you probably can add to the above with your personal experience and/or knowledge.

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Maggie Bell Counsellor Hypnotherapist

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