What is hypnotherapy?

I would like to be clear that I am not engaged in stage hypnosis; I offer hypnotherapy which is very different.  The way I work is to help you to experience relaxation on a deeper level where you are in control at all times.  When we are relaxed we are far better placed to deal with issues.  Depending upon the issues and their severity you may have not been able to relax, concentrate and focus for a length of time.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective therapy.  As a hypnotherpist with the option of combining hypnotherapy with counselling, my approach is ultimately to help you, to help yourself, maybe if needed understand the issues better and take control of the issues,  rather than they continue to control of you.

Although hypnosis is a gentle technique it is a powerful therapy in helping to alleviate symptoms which have a psychological component.  As a hypnotherapist and counsellor, I feel privileged in being able to use all my skills, knowledge and vast experience, to assist you in working through your difficulties to achieve positive results.

Hypnotherapy is also a very personal experience and choosing the right therapist is important if you are to succeed in your goals, however, I believe the environment is equally important and can help to achieve deeper relaxation in a shorter space of time.  I practise in an environment where all your senses will be heightened with  the sound of wildlife and peace, as well as the smell of nature and where the visual experience is therapeutic in itself.

in summary Hypnotherapy focuses on your unconscious/subconscious mind. Approximately 90% of our mind is thought to be unconscious/subconscious.
… where your dreams, memories, habits and more reside or buried. Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that is utilised to access your own inbuilt ability to heal yourself with the help of a professional like myself.