What is depression?

Depression can be described as a normal reaction to an upsetting event or a set of symptoms relating to emotions; physically, mentally with behavioural effects for no apparent reason.

If you feel that you are depressed, or that a medical practitioner has diagnosed you with depression, then you are likely to have periods where you are noticing your mood is low with a feeling of emptiness, sluggish and lethargic, where you are irritable and have lost interest in pleasure.  Your thinking is probably more negative; self critical about yourself and the world.  The depressed person can become withdrawn from social activities and usual behaviours, stay in bed for long periods and feel slowed down, agitated and restless.  You may have noticed a change in appetite, sleep and energy levels.  All off the above can create a negative cycle where you go around and around and not knowing where to begin to recover.

Causes of depression can also stem from negative childhood experiences, relationship difficulties, disrupted social connection, maladaptive behaviours and personality traits.  Stressors play an important tole in triggering depressive reactions.

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