My personal and professional experience with bereavement has made me understand that loss is not only about death; but that there can be many endings endured over a lifetime with ongoing adjustments, that we are not even aware of, that can impact on us suddenly and leave us feeling unable to cope.

Bereavement (loss and adjustment) can powerfully trigger different emotions for different individuals, and cause various psychological imbalances; such as anxiety, depression, anger and more, which can be understood and managed with a lesser degree of impact, in a therapeutic process.

During our life time, as human beings who have feelings, we hopefully will experience significant and close relationships, and/or objects such as a job maybe, or a house and so forth, and therefore we will inevitably experience losses and have to make adjustments.  Some will be conscious but many will slip into the unconscious and thus not even be recognised.  

Life’s pace today can be very fast as opposed to the lives of our ancestors, and we can have greater expectations of ourselves.  Loss and adjustment takes time and the process cannot be rushed or avoided. 

The therapeutic process can allow you time to be in a space to learn to accept any change.   

A loss is never just a loss; the pebble never just drops into the pond, without the ripple effect – and the impact of the pebble is only visual to a degree with invisible undercurrents.

…I specialise in bereavement counselling and continue to work with people who are in the grieving process, as well as people who are endeavouring to come to terms with any huge life changing events; as grieving can be a constant environment of having to manage change, big and small.
Bereavement Counselling can help you to learn where you are in the process of loss and/or readjustment (the process of a life adjustment) and work through it.
The bereavement process is connected to all kinds of loss; loss of person or person/s through death, the loss of a job, or a relationship, or even your confidence as you once knew it to be positive, or a life adjustment. A feeling of loss within yourself.

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