Counselling Person Centred:

Counselling, person centred, is usually 1:1, once a week to begin with; where you (the person contemplating talk therapy) meets regularly (once a week) in a safe space, warm and professional environment, with a qualified counsellor like myself.  The environment I offer is therapeutic to aid this process; as well as warm and professional (please see below).DSC00347

Person centred counselling focusses on you feeling listened to (heard), receiving empathy (feeling understood), in an environment in a safe professional, comfortable, environment, where you should not feel judged  A safe comfortable environment helps trust to build over a period of time, understanding to grown, to enable you to explore yourself and the issues, and/or the issues and yourself.


Person centred counselling helps to identify the current issues and within the process their roots.  (learn more)


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is 1:1, once a week to begin with, where the therapy is more so focussed on the symptoms.  For example, if you are experiencing anxiety, anger, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or any symptoms that you feel is causing you concern with regards to you not functioning as your would like to.

In addition to focussing on the symptoms, I will measure your mood base line when commencing therapy, and the process is evident within a paper trail objectively, as well as you feeling better within the process subjectively.  I work with psycho-education tools.  CBT usually obtains faster results in terms of the symptoms and will help you to manage the symptoms.  CBT is usually a short-term therapy; ie less sessions to achieve results.

Psychodynamic Therapy:

Psychodynamic Therapy (often referred to as psycho-therapy), is 1:1, with one session a week (or can be more), and is a longer term therapy where maybe the issues are deep rooted in the past, maybe going back as far as childhood.  For example, if you are experiencing an eating disorder, social phobia, anger, depression, anxiety.  Again any symptoms that you feel may be causing you not to function as you would like.

Integrative Counselling:

Integrative Counselling is where more than one therapy is combined as above (so in summary):

Person Centred Therapy:
Person-Centred Therapy focusses on you the whole person. When we focus on the person for the good of the person, the person feels heard, understood, and not judged. This is probably how our childhood should have felt, but many will tell you it was not the way it was at all! Therefore, an opportunity to experience this, even as an adult, will be so beneficial to your pathway of a healthier wellbeing, and mostly you will get to you you, or who it is you really want to be and work towards that person.

Cogntive Behavioural Therapy (CBT):
This therapy helps us to look at how our thoughts and feelings are very connected to our behaviour. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all very closely linked and impact on each other. CBT can help identify negative patterns, and if you are seeking therapy you have already probably started to identify some negative patterns for yourself and by yourself. However, with the help and gentle challenges of a therapist you can start to build strategies to manage negative patterns in a way that is efficient and thus effective to a better wellbeing.

Psychodynamic therapy:
Psychodynamic therapy has its root in Sigmund Freud.  In summary it focusses on past experiences, sometimes going as far back as childhood.  Sometimes as children we develop coping strategies that do not serve us well in adulthood, such as aggression, sulking etc.  Exploring our childhood, and past negative experiences, can help us to understand why we are who we are, and why we do what we do.  (read more)

Couple Counselling:

Couple counselling is 2:1, usually shorter term than 1:1, and weekly to begin with.  Couple counselling focusses on the relationship issues, as opposed to 1:1 counselling is more focussed on the person.

Couple counselling can help individuals in their relationship to see themselves more clearly and how their individual past experiences, and other external factors, impact on their relationship. 

Couple counselling can also help both individuals see the relationship as a whole, from the ‘outside’  looking in, rather than just staying caught up in the emotional turmoil, and therefore only able to see the relationship from the ‘inside’ looking out, and feeling weighed down in the current viscious cycle further complicated by past individual negative experiences and misunderstandings.


Hypnotherapy  in general is usually a shorter term therapy with fast results if the person is suggestable.  Standard hypnotherapy can be very effective with reducing anxiety levels, confidence building, stress management, enhancing self esteem, and any other symptoms that may be getting in the way of   I only work 1:1 hypnosis as I feel more than one to one,  just generalises the issues that are being focussed on; and in my experience less effective.

I would like to be clear that I am not engaged in stage hypnosis; I offer hypnotherapy which is very different.  The way I work is to help you to experience relaxation on a deeper level where you are in control at all times.  When we are relaxed we are far better placed to deal with issues.  Depending upon the issues and their severity you may have not been able to relax, concentrate and focus for a length of time.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective therapy.  As a hypnotherapist with the option of combining hypnotherapy with CBT and/or NLP (see below), my approach is ultimately to help you, to help yourself, maybe if needed understand the issues better and take control of the issues,  rather than they continue to control of you.

Although hypnosis is a gentle technique it is a powerful therapy in helping to alleviate symptoms which have a psychological component.  As a qualified and very experienced Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach, I feel privileged in being able to use all my skills, knowledge and vast experience, to assist you in working through your difficulties to achieve positive results.

Hypnotherapy is also a very personal experience and choosing the right therapist is important if you are to succeed in your goals, however, I believe the environment is equally important and can help to achieve deeper relaxation in a shorter space of time.  I practise in an environment where all your senses will be heightened with  the sound of wildlife and peace, as well as the smell of nature and where the visual experience is therapeutic in itself.

Neuro-linguistic Practitioner (NLP Coach):

As a qualified NLP Coach I offer 1:1 session, usually weekly to begin with, depending upon what you want to achieve.  NLP is goal orientated like CBT.  The difference is that CBT focusses on the psychological; thoughts, feelings and behavioural and negative patterns that keep repeating. 

NLP focusses on filters, your strengths and merging those strengths to help you with your difficulties. 

There is a full work book to work through when working just NLP focussed, to identify your blue print of the world, your strengths, ie the world and you in it.  Very often we do not see ourselves in the world as the world sees us, and vice versa, we do not see the world as others do.  With gentle challenging about any negativities you have about the world you can create a much healthier environment to exist, and co exist.  When you are able to love the world, you will be delighted to experience it loving you back.

With most of the therapies I offer NLP will creep in naturally, for example, at some point in counselling you will want to know what to do with all you have learned about yourself, ie how you can channel those learnings positively.  Within the hypnotherapy relationship NLP will be part of working with addictions such as sugar, smoking, drinking, and weight control and any other area of focus where you want to achieve something.  

NLP can be business related to help you to channel your strengths into your desires and dreams which may be your vocation or the destiny you desire.  You can discuss the above with me further if you want COMPLIMENTARY TELEPHONE CONSULTATION to enable you to learn more specifically how NLP life coaching can help you.  (call)


As a qualified, experienced and Accredited EMDR Therapist I can offer this therapeutic psychotherapy model to help you work through distressing memories, traumas, anxiety and more.  You can learn more about EMDR on the EMDR Association website where you will find videos and lots of information.

Hypnotherapy for weight control:

As a qualified Hypnotherapist I offer weight control sessions, usually 6 – 10 depending upon the issues.  Starting weekly sessions and then spreading the sessions out as we go in line with your progress.  The hypnotherapy I offer is underpinned with CBT and NLP.  This means looking at the underlying causes of eating problems as well as looking at your strengths to help you over come your struggles with sugar, choices, or just food in general, where you may feel a bit out of control.  (call)


I am a licensed Hypno-band practitioner.  The hypnoband is available, however, as a pre-requisite to the hypnoband when working with me is that we work on any cravings and/or underlying issues that may get in the way of the process.  Please feel free to call me to discuss your personal situation and I will be delighted to hear from you.  (call)

Hypnotherapy for fertility (FBM):

I work 1:1, weekly to begin with, following the Fertile Body Method.  This is usually underpinned with integrative counselling (as above).  Please feel free to call me to discus your particular situation and I will be delighted to hear from you.  (call)


I work 1:1, weekly to begin with, following the Easi-Birthing structure, and is usually over six sessions.  This is usually underpinned with CBT (as above).  Please feel free to call me to discuss your particular situation and I will be delighted to hear from you.  (call)

Stop Smoking:

I work 1:1, in one session with the Easy Quit Programme.  The two hour session is divided into psycho-education and hypnosis.  Please feel free to call me to discuss your particular situation and I will be delighted to hear from you.  (call)