Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sometimes referred to as CBT.  A therapy that more goal focussed in the present and future; exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  As an integrative therapist I can offer it as a therapy on its own; or integrate into a flexible approach.  CBT mostly focusses just on the symptoms and not so much on the person; so if you are looking for a therapy that is less personally intrusive, where you want to manage the symptoms then I would say that CBT would be an option to look at.   CBT is widely used in the NHS as it is goal focussed in a short amount of sessions.  In my opinion it is a more directive approach to address the symptoms.  In longer-term CBT challenging core beliefs can lead to exploring childhood experiences.  As an experienced flexible integrative therapist, when working with me, you would have the option of continuing to explore deeper if your goals change as sometimes this can happen when change occurs.