As a Fertile Body Practitioner, my own individual approach, incorporates the Fertile Body Method, where I combine counselling and hypnotherapy in a structured way; working towards conception.


“An overview of the Fertile Body Method….

The Fertile Body Method is a mind-body approach to fertility problems that is based on a holistic health model.  It acknowledges the importance of working together with other specialists to create well co-ordinated combinations of treatment.”

Source, The Fertile Body Method, A Practitioner’s Manual, Sjanie Hugo, BA, D.HYP, PGD.HUYP, GHR, MBSC, 2009, pg3.


As a Fertile Body Method Practitioner, I adapt, as a therapist, the therapy to your needs and desires, and in summary, initially explore the outcome wanted, and then in a timely way work towards achieving balance to help restore better health to psychological issues that maybe impacting on physical, or vice versa.

There is sometimes healing work that that is needed to achieve a realistic visualisation of the future and thus seeing yourself where you want to be in a positive light in the future, and then at the latter stages help with preparation and/or offer continued support.

The above is very summarised, as every individuals experience is different of course, just because of the individuality, but it helps to work within a structure, so that the therapeutic world does not repeat the experience as of the outside world, as the therapeutic space will be focussing on change.

Please call me to discuss further if you feel you maybe interested in knowing a bit more on 07950 906421 – I look forward to hearing…

Maggie Bell, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist, Maggie Bell Counselling & Hypnotherapy (Bromley & Lewisham), BACP, GHR, DipH,