Are you stressed?  Do you need stress management therapy?

There are many things and areas of our life that can cause stress.  Stress management therapy looks closer at your personal stressors, the areas of your life that you are experiencing to be stressful.  Once insight has been gained you can make the changes you need to enjoy your life without unnecessary stress.

“Imagine that your life is like an ocean liner and you are the captain.  For that liner to be sea worthy and stay afloat in stormy weather, various parts of the ship are separated into compartments.  If the ship is damaged and one area starts taking on water that damage is restricted to that one compartment.  This is quite a good way of looking at your own life.”

Stress balance
Stress balance

Powell Trevor, (2000), The Mental Health Handbook, pg 103.

When we feel stressed about a particular aspect of our life, maybe work, or a relationship, we can feel almost consumed by that one area.  However, with the right tools, you can bring more balance and rationalise a true perspective, and then feel much better placed about how you will manage the area that you feel is giving you stress.

But when you are in the storm, it can be difficult to see yourself from the outside looking in, and you may find yourself looking for some structure to weather the journey.  Counselling can be a good tool to help you manage stress and give you structure and mental stability to manage the journey.

If you think you maybe experiencing stress and feel a bit lost on your journey, please feel free to call me on 07950 906421 to discuss further your pathway forward, and if you are interested I will be happy to explain how I work.  I look forward to hearing from you.