What is Couples Counselling?

Couples Counselling is much the same as individual counselling.  However, Couples Counselling focuses on the relationship and the issues, whereas individual counselling is more focused on the person.

Couples counselling can help individuals in a relationship see themselves more clearly and how their individual past experiences, and other external factors, impact on their current relationship/s. 

Couples Counselling can also help for each individual to see themselves more clearly in the relationship as a whole, from the ‘outside’  looking in, rather than just staying caught up in the emotional turmoils, and therefore only able to see the relationship from the ‘inside’ looking out.  Viscous cycles can weigh you both down, creating tunnel vision, which may complicate the issues further.

Communication overshadowed

… in summary Couples Counselling is much the same as one to one counselling, only it is relationship focused. It is goal orientated, both individually and collaboratively. As well as resolving the issues within the relationship Couples Counselling can help both individuals see themselves within the relationship as individuals, from the outside looking in, rather than only being able to feel caught up in the turmoil on the inside. Both may feel weighed down and default to strategies that may have worked in the past for the individual. For example, withdrawing, not talking; not communicating. All good relationships are based on good communication. Within a therapeutic arrangement, I work goal orientated so that you can achieve results sooner rather than later. I give written information tailored to the individual/s and the couple, such as communication skills, anger management, resolving differences and more.
Like individuals, couples are unique and so each therapeutic process is different and so I tailor the work to the couples’ needs as individual/s, as a couple, as parents maybe and so forth.