Do you think you are experiencing obsessive compulsive difficulties?  Sometimes referred to as OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder usually has two parts; obsessive thoughts where you may feel you have no control over the thoughts where they feel like they intrude repeatedly into the mind against your will.  These thoughts can be negative and very distressing at times.  Secondly the thoughts can be associated by ‘compulsions’ and/or ‘rituals’ where they are acted out time and time again to reduce anxious feelings, even though you may realise on a rationally that they do not achieve any long-term relief or solution; rather the opposite.  The acts might include numerous washing, checking, hoarding or special rituals.


Although the paragraph above is quite short; the actual reality of the symptoms can take dominate a person’s life.  Anxiety about the symptoms can worsen the symptoms.  The thoughts can be frightening where anxiety is a normal response to fear.



With a flexible therapeutic professional approach, I will work in a structured way with you the person.  You will have a warm confidential space to talk about your thoughts and behaviour with no judgement on my side.  I will guide you to make the thoughts and behaviours more real so that you can manage yourself with the relaxation techniques that I use as a hypnotherapist, distract the thoughts learned positive self-talk where your core beliefs will become realistic to you.


Within a professional therapeutic alliance with an experienced, knowledgeable, flexible approach with structure; you can learn to face your fears, and thereafter abstain to untrain your brain!