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It is said that approximately 12 per cent of us experience depression, although I wonder how this figure is known, as I am sure that there are a lot of people that struggle with depression and do not go to their GP or seek help, so that figure is probably higher.

In my experience depression can manifest in many different ways.  There is a list of criteria that is symptomatic of depression although usually the person who is depressed will notice that they feel very sad or low. There may be other symptoms such as lethargy, sleep issues, negative thought, feelings and behaviour.  Loss of appetite, or overeating.  Loss in interests and / or hobbies.  Self care.  The person may find it hard to make decisions.  We are all unique so these symptoms are generic.

Depression can range from a mild depressive reaction (mild mood fluctuations) to  severe clinical depression (unable to function).  People with severe clinical depression usually experience noticeable physical symptoms where the depression can be more related to biochemical changes in the brain.  This kind of depression may need medical intervention through your GP.

Depressive reaction can be triggered by a set of life events where the person has found it difficult to cope and where it feels like it is impossible to break the negative patterns, although you can gradually free yourself from this kind of depression with the right kind of help for you as an individual.

If you are reading this page, then perhaps you have been struggling with your mood recently and wondering what is happening.  Or maybe you have identified some negative patterns that have been repeating over a short or longer period of time.  Sometimes we know something is wrong, but we just cannot put our finger on it, and if we are psychologically challenged or struggling, then we are not in a good place to identify what the underlying issues are that are causing the symptoms being experienced.

So remember, we are all individuals who have different life experiences and depression is no different in as much as we can experience low mood or depression in different ways, however, there is usually a significant degree of sadness or feeling low in mood.  Other characteristics of depression may include sleeplessness, thus feeling tired, unmotivated where there maybe issues around decision making, loss of interest, appetite changes, and then at what may feel like a difficult time in your life; where you really want to make the right decision to get help, you may find yourself googling and researching therapy, only to find that there are many different therapies at your disposal that leave you feeling even more confused and thus overwhelmed.  So I would say think about your decision to get the right kind of help, for you to help yourself.  It can start with a phone call with no obligation.

Call me on 07950 906421 / 07704 455944, and I will be happy to discuss with you further what your pathway may be, as well as the way I work if you are interested – I look forward to hearing from you.