Good communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Without good communication a relationship will suffer and probably phase out. When you were a baby the extent of your growth and development relied on human interaction and quality communication.

Good communication requires three key skills:

1) Taking the time to listen attentively.
2) Expressing your feelings timely.
3) Accepting the other person’s opinion/s and feelings; and the ability to agree to disagree if necessary.

The following style of communication/s will usually be detrimental to a relationship:






Closed questions.

Giving the solution as you see it instead of listening.

The most important relationship of all is the relationship with yourself. Sometimes our internal dialogue can take the path of self judging, self blaming, self criticising, and more, if we do not feel good about ourselves. Not feeling good about ourselves can be for many different reasons. If we do not feel good about ourselves then how will we feel good about our relationships with others and thus the outside world, as we are part of that.

The key to enhancing relationships is working on the relationship with yourself ultimately. Sometimes we can be very harsh on ourselves depending upon our past experiences, and we can carry core negative beliefs forward about ourselves that are untrue.

Therapy allows you to explore your truer self and your relationships, i.e. your inside world and outside world, in a safe space that is warm and professional, where the professional you choose to work with has no agenda and will focus on you.

If you have noticed that your relationships have a repeated negative cycle then perhaps its time to look closer at the relationship you have with yourself. If you would like to discuss the above further, then please give me a call, or text me, or e-mail me, and I will be delighted to speak with you.

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TASK:  Identify similarities and differences.  Accepting that our partners are different from ourselves is very important.  Take a large piece of paper and on one half make a list of all the ways that you and your partner are alike, and on the other half make a list of all the ways you are different.