Anxiety and Mood swings:

We all have moods that fluctuate; going up and down, with good days and bad days.  Mostly, when life is balanced, they are usually such small ups and downs; where you may not even notice.  However, when you start to notice moods that feel almost polar opposite within short periods of time for no good reason, it can feel draining, tiring, distressing, fatigued and more…like a roller coaster!

Thoughts, feelings, environment, experiences all effect our moods; so where do you start to reverse what may feel like a negative cycle?

Well maybe start by looking at what you may be doing that is unhelpful; such as catastrophizing (expecting the worse), avoiding (running away), not looking after yourself in general.  These are a few to start observing and maybe even keeping a diary, so that you can learn about your own negative cycle.

May be you can read a self-help book to help you on your way.

However, if you have tried the above already without success, maybe you need a little bit of help.

In which case please feel free to take advantage of my offer of a complimentary pre-initial telephone assessment, to help you make a decision about where you go from here in terms of your therapeutic pathway.  I will be delighted to hear from you and you can reach me on 07950 906421.  Call me or text me.  Or e-mail me on

Maggie Bell, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner.