I have a particular interest in family dynamics and family therapy and how they impact on individuals within the family, and then repeat in further relationships external to the family. If you are in a relationship and are, or feel you are, feeling alone in looking after someone that has issues that are effecting you, then I would say to you that “helping” or “help” comes in many different ways and sometimes just requires initially focussing on ourselves before we can enhance our relationships with others, and thus help others maybe to help themselves.

I enjoy working with both older and younger adults as well as young people experiencing anxiety (very restless), depression (low mood), bullying and/or harassment in the workplace or  any other, emotional and/or physical abuse, sexuality issues, personality issues, substance dependence, low self-esteem, anger, bereavement, PTSD, addiction, relationship issues, stress and dementia.

Your relationship with you is ultimately the most important relationship of all! Just focussing on oneself will help you in relationships, with your family,  your work colleagues, your friends, your partner and more – but I also want to say that therapy can help with so much more as we are all individuals and therefore no two experiences of therapy will be the same.