Stress in the population is increasing for many different reasons.  Everything seems to be moving at a faster pace – for example; if you do not keep up with technology you will simply get left behind. Some of these things like this example are out of our control.   However, there are aspects of our life where we feel we have no control, but do, and other aspects where we think we have control, but do not.  It is so important to get things (life) into perspective and learn where we do have control and where we do not, and thus save our energy, and de-stress to enhance relaxation (and vice-versa) for a better way of living.  You have the ability to relax at will!, and thus de-stress if  you want to  learn how to do so.  Stress may impact on our health, our relationships, our employment, and ultimately on our whole wellbeing.  It can also lead to addiction and lead to further loss, and other unhealthy coping strategies.

We can all learn to relax, even when we may have a very good reason to feel stressed – ie a stressor.  The mind has the natural ability to accept and relax in difficult, even life threatening, situations.

If you feel stressed and would like to know more about how to take control, relax and de-stress, or if you would like to discuss a stressor or stressors that you feel is impacting on your health and thus wellbeing, then please call me to discuss further on 07950 906421  –  I will be delighted to hear from you without further obligation.

Kindest Regards

Maggie Bell

Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

BACP & GHR Registered